Moonvine Draunr

Serpent Captain

A seasoned veteran, Moonvine is no stranger to danger. As one of the few bearing the Echo, She's often been called upon to deal with the beast tribes and their summoned deities. She is a master of the art of deception, a highly skilled shinobi, and a well reputed officer of the Order of the Twin Adders. While her combat skills are amazing, her people skills are anything but.


Moonvine Draunr was born in the depths of Coerthas. She doesn't remember much, and the only clues she has were what a group of adventurers told Mother Miounne. Her family had accidentally got caught up in a dragon attack as they fled to the Shroud. She ended up growing in Gridania, an old rogue taking her in. Her life was rather straightforward from there. She bounced around, going from lancer, to archer, and then finally settling on her adoptive mother's profession, a rogue. It suited her well, and she quickly made a name for herself amongst the locals. It was only a matter of time before she joined the Adders. She was quite content with her position, but fate had other plans. During a recon mission, her group was captured by Ixial, and brought to their camp. They were summoning their primal, Garuda, and saw nothing wrong with some extra slaves. Her party was tempered instantly, and Moonvine was astounded to still retain free will. Knowing she would be dead if her captors found out, she played along until she found an opening to escape. Her escape was not completely unnoticed, as Garuda herself pursued. Cornered against a cliff, Moonvine charged the primal, her blades cutting into the primal's wings as they plummeted towards the ground. She woke up 5 weeks later in The Twin Adder barracks. She had barely survived, most of her bones had broken in the fall. There was no sight of the primal, thankfully, and it was the general consensus that her suicide charge had worked. She had learned something else, She had become permanently blind in her left eye. 6 years have passed, and First Lieutenant Draunr is a well seasoned veteran of many wars. Taking a frontline role in helping to end the dragonsong war, the expedition into Garlemand, the protection at Radz-at-Han, and the slaying of countless primals, she is one of the most skilled warriors the Twin Adders have. Currently stepping back from the constant conflict, she now spends most of her time at Radz-at-Han, aiding in the reconstruction. This newfound time off has also allowed her to realize something else. While excellent at fighting after years of war, her social skills are nowhere near as close.


  • Name: Moonvine Draunr

  • Age: 23

  • Pronouns: She/Her

  • Height: 5'2

  • Weight: 135

  • Hair Color: Dark purple with lighter edges

  • Skin: Extremely pale, with large dark blue scale patches.

  • Eyes: Silver and purple

  • Main Job: Shinobi

  • Profession: Weaver


In-game name: Moonvine Draunr (Brynhildr)